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The Money Mindset Course is a self-study training program for women. It’s a step-by-step guide designed to help you create a new relationship to money, a relationship that puts you in control. Money is the most powerful tool we have access to today, but chances are, you weren’t taught how to think about it, or how to use it to further your purpose, your dreams and your voice. That stops now. The Money Mindset Course is here.

In The Money Mindset Course you’ll discover the truth about money and why it “makes the world go ‘round”. You’ll also discover how you can have more of it.

This is not your run-of-the-mill course. With unique exercises designed to inspire and ignite passion, you’ll leave behind the old world of confusion, pain and anxiety.

I’ve packed this course with thought-provoking videos and new lessons. And in video number two, I’ll share a unique breakthrough that changed everything.

This course doesn’t just tell you “what to do”. Rather, you’ll dive into why you do what you do. You’ll learn how to take back control, earn more and as a special bonus: you’ll learn how to always charge what you’re worth.

“You must gain control over your money or the lack of it will forever control you.” —Dave Ramsey

How The Money Mindset Course Works

The entire course is yours the minute you complete your registration.

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The course consists of work-at-your-own-pace videos,
a downloadable PDF full of exercises and Money Sheet bonuses.

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Revisit the course as much as you’d like. All of the materials are yours to keep.

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Watch the entire course in one sit-down binge or at your own pace, a little bit at a time. It’s all up to you.

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You can choose to order a hard copy of The Money Mindset Workbook as well.

What’s in The Money Mindset Course?

The entire program is available to you the minute you complete your registration.


“Don’t tell me where your priorities are. Show me where you spend your money and I’ll tell you what they are.” —James W. Frick

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Sarah Walton is the founder of The Money Mindset Course, When I Grow Up Consulting for entrepreneurs and about-to-be entrepreneurs, and Better Way Moms, an online magazine for moms.
Sarah spent her 15-year career navigating the corporate world, where she managed a P&L worth hundreds of millions of dollars, worked closely with Marianne Williamson, mentored dozens of women, and balanced motherhood at the same time.

In a quest to make sure women are empowered with every tool possible, Sarah left Corporate American and founded her companies. She designs events, workshops and courses for women in business and she is a regular contributor for The Huffington Post.

Through her companies, and her Redefining Success Events, she now speaks around the nation, offering her courses, masterminds, products and workshops, all designed to inspire, inform, ignite passion and bring the power of femininity forward.
Her companies have become known and trusted brands around the world and one of her businesses was recently featured on The Today Show.

What The Money Mindset Course Students Are Saying


I just finished the Money Mindset Course. I’m so grateful to Sarah for creating this program. I took a few weeks to go through the course and It was very impactful for me, particularly identifying the limiting beliefs. They’re so hard to find without help and the worksheet blew me away. The exercises were challenging, but having the videos made me feel like Sarah was cheering me along the whole way. I was raving about it to my husband last night and I’m going to have him do it as well so we’re speaking the same language. Thank you thank you, Sarah! This really did shift my thinking about money.

Alyson Garrido

Career Coach

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Susan Vernicek

Seriously, Sarah is an extraordinary woman, and she’s created an extraordinary course. She has an unbelievable touch in guiding and adding laughter into this important journey. I’ve enjoyed working with Sarah on so many levels and my business has grown from learning her strategies and mindful tactics needed for success. I highly recommend The Money Mindset Course!

Susan Vernicek

CEO & Founder of Identity Magazine

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Andrea Goulet

As a self-starter, I’ve taken a number of courses around money management. The tag that sets Sarah’s work apart is that it focuses less on “how” and more on “why”. By applying myself I had several a-ha moments that have made a big difference in my bottom line. My biggest challenge now is keeping up with all the new sales leads that are coming in!

Andrea Goulet

CEO and Co-Founder of Corgibytes, LLC

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Neepa Sikdar

I’ve learned so much from Sarah’s course. I’ve raised my prices, I work with more confidence and I was able to really work through being nervous about pricing my services appropriately, while still remaining accessible. I’ve learned that I only want to work with clients that are ready for what I have to offer, at the price I know is right. I loved this work.

Neepa Sikdar

Founder and Owner, Accessible Style

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Rita Cheng

After taking the course I was able to proactively negotiate a new schedule with my office. I thought through the company culture, all parties involved and came up with a plan that would help me while serving everyone else at the same time. I partnered up with one of my colleagues on the proposal and the company came back quickly with a strong yes! I’m more excited about this than I expected to be. Thank you Sarah!

Rita Cheng

Business Consultant and Owner of Heart & Art Cottage